Welcome to the Mailer Fellowship Blog!

The blog will feature one post from every 2011 Mailer fellow, fellowship mentor, and July visitor to the Colony. It will be updated every other day through the first week in August. In the hubbub of blog authors, we hope to capture the diversity of voices, perspectives and projects in the fellowship community.

For answers to the questions, What is the Mailer Fellowship? and What is the Norman Mailer Center and Writers Colony?, visit our “About” pages. The “Main Characters” pages will tell you who our fellows, fellowship mentors and visiting writers are.

Don’t forget to subscribe (below) for email notifications of new posts. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Welcome!

  1. I wish you all inspiration in your writing this summer at the Mailer home. I was a guest on several occasions and remember the make-shift memorial Norris and I constructed the evening of 9/11 at the bottom of the steps where the surf meets the sand. Candles on the beach to stake our claim of what remained of humanity. Norman slightly bemused at our sentimentality and remarking on the architectural banality of the WTC towers…scotch in hand…or was it vodka? Please remember Norris Mailer this summer…the light of our lives…the pain still fresh and raw. I love you, Barbara.


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